Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jezebel's Surprise

Baby goats for this year will be few and far between. Since my usual crew of five dairy goats is getting a bit into the middle-age of four, they are less interested in having more babies. They've given us some pretty awesome kids, and if we just keep milking regularly, they can go several years without having to be bred.

This year it was all about our Toggenburg, Jezebel. In past years she had a little trouble having her babies, which would end up with a visit from the vet. This year she surprised everyone, though, not only by having three babies, but by having them all with very little assistance. What a good goatie!

Jezebel gave us two boys and a girl. I named them Arthur, Merlin, and Tinkerbel. Jezebel usually give a lot of milk, so she'll have no problem feeding all these babies. The only trouble is goats usually have only two babies, and have two teats on their udders. Two seats at the table for three customers means I have to milk Jezebel, then pour her milk into three bottles so there isn't a scuffle.