Sunday, May 2, 2010

Peak Week!

Dairy goats usually give milk for about 10 months. The first 2 months, they increase the amount they give, then slowly decrease.

Last week, our high producer Jezebel, has been hitting her peak milk production. Her record so far is 9.2 pounds of milk in one morning, and 15 pounds for the whole day. This equals a little over two gallons per day, and makes about 2 pounds of cheese. Flopsy has been producing well too. She tips the scale at a little over 10 pounds per day, or a gallon and a half, but boasts a magnificent 7% butterfat content. Mimzy and Coco Puff will reach their highest numbers in a another month, and Betty gives just one quart of her mystery milk, but at nice 5% butterfat content.

We couldn't resist taking Jelly's picture after all her hard work! What a good goatie!

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