Monday, August 9, 2010

A Song For Coco Puff

Sometimes our first freshener Coco Puff is naughty and kicks while on the milkstand. We thought up a funny song to help us laugh throuth the battle. We changed the words to "Down By The Station". The tune is used for "Little Bunny Foo Foo" also.

This is for the dairy goats who need to be trained,
whether in California or even up in Maine:
Stand nicely on the milkstand and nibble up your grain!
Kick with your feet and you will be meat
on the bar-be-que!

Down in the milkroom early in the morning,
see the little dairy goats all in a row.
See the tired milkmaids filling all the buckets,
Puff! Puff! Don't kick! Or you'll go!!

Of course this is all for fun. I don't think I could really eat my little Coco Puff!

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