Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Looking Forward to Fun in 4H in 2011

Even though it's just January, thing are starting to get going in 4H. It always seems like a lot of work to plan out a speech for Presentations, and new recipe for the Home Economics contest, and something new to sell for the Young Entrepreneurs table at Sunday Market.

I did try to do a bit of everything last year, which 4H seemed to like, and gave me an award for being an 'Outstanding First Year Member'. Wow! I got a medal for having fun! I like 4H!


  1. Yay for you, Mary! I am so proud of your efforts in 4-H! I was a an active 4-H-er throughout my childhood years. At 50 years old I can honestly say that my 4-H years contributed to a deep feeling of pride and satisfaction that has stayed with me the rest of my life! I wish you many years of success and satisfaction in 4-H!

    See you soon, I am sure,

    Jenny Jacques

  2. I was the Food's judge at the fair.
    You really impressed me--in fact, you may want to check your Heifer Intl. figures again!


    Tammy Knight, Corvallis