Friday, June 10, 2011

Betty Babies, Finally!

We had pretty much given up on the idea that Betty would ever have babies. We drove her all around, even as far off as three hours away, to see various boys, but nothing worked. She taught us that babies weren't exactly necessary last year, by producing over 1000 pounds of milk, without having babies first.

Last fall, things seemed a bit different with Betty, so we took her in to see yet another boy, a young but very well pedigreed Toggenburg from a fancy show herd. We weren't exactly sure if she was pregnant, as she didn't look as amazingly huge as Flopsy.

This was Betty's lucky year! She had the cutest two baby Toggenburgs ever, a boy and a girl. Now that she is producing milk in the normal order, babies first then milk, she is giving an amazing amount, nearly equaling her sister, Jelly, well over a gallon and a half per day.

They went to the same farm as Flopsy's babies, who are getting in on the little Toggs' picture. We think the Toggs look like they are ready for business right off with their substantial Swiss snow boots, versus the dainty Nubian designer heels.

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  1. hoo-ray for goat babies! raw goat milk=delicious.