Friday, April 2, 2010

Second Batch Of Baby Goats For 2010

Flopsy, our fashion goat, always has to make a splash with everything she does. Last year she had her babies on Mothers' Day, with coyotes howling down the street. This year she had her babies exactly on her due date, with a huge full moon, and a raging thunderstorm outside.

Same as last year, she had a flashy, colorful buckling, and a little doeing. Last year's doeling was patterned the same as Flopsy, but this year her doeling is sleek and black. The doeling surprised us by being 'polled', or naturally hornless. Wow!

We named the babies Storm and Spyke, after the X-Men characters. In the X-Men stories, Storm has magical powers to create thunderstorms, which might explain the wild storm on her birthday! Spyke, can produce bony spikes to throw, and since the little buckling is the only one with horns here, that name fits pretty well too.

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