Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Elsa's Goats

My original herd of five goats was getting older and not producing as much milk as when they where younger. That"s okay, they've given us a lot of milk and kids and deserve to relax awhile. But, there was still increasing demand for milk and soap.

I talked to my friend Elsa from whom i had gotten my original goats. She said she had too many goats, some of which where ready to freshen, and that she would loan them to me to milk. I thought one would be okay, but when she brought the goat over she brought another five goats!

It was a little crazy at first to have this many goats and even more so when the babies arrived. Once i got organized i finely had enough milk for my costumers.

Sweet Toggenburg does from left to right: Darling, Crinoline, Jenny and Special. And Pudding, also a Toggenburg came a few weeks later.

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