Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Penny Wise Goats

There is a thrift store in Warrenton the next town over named Penny Wise, it supports a mental health charity. The lady who runs the store, named Pat is sweet and teases me about how long and curly my hair is.

Pat sells my soaps in her shop, and in turn I donate two dollars from every soap to her charity. I knew I would have quite a few babies for the year so to help a little more I decided to raffle two of them with the winning ticket drawn on the opening day of Sunday Market.

The tickets went really fast and we noticed the market manager was buying quite a few. It turned out for the best because she won the goats and was happy to win them. So off they went to live in her backyard with a very nice view and be completely spoiled rotten. As it should be.

It was also good news for Pat and the mental health charity because we raised over $400 and still she teases me about my hair.

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