Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Fast And Fearless Bette

The Sensational Bette is one of our Toggenburg dairy goats. She's our sports star because she likes to run fast and jump high. I love to run and play with her all through the pasture.

Betty has a longer coat than her sister Jezebel, and some long fur on her back legs makes it look like she's wearing shorts. We call these her sport shorts! Since she is a Swiss breed of goat, maybe her shorts are really lederhosen!

Mysteriously, Betty gives us nearly a gallon of very rich milk per week even though she's never had babies. She's our 'go-to' goat for morning hot cocoa when the other goats are dry. Her favorite treats are Honey-Nut Cheerios, and Gatorade, which makes her lips pink as if she's wearing lipstick!

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