Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Mysterious Mimzy

Mimzy's registered name is Fantasma, and she has a 6*M production award on her pedigree. This means she is the sixth generation of her line to meet ADGA standards for producing milk. Her milk is very high in butterfat, and makes the best caramel sauce.

We got her as a three year old and she had lived at two other farms before. She startles easily and forgets what to do a lot, which makes working with her difficult. Deep down Mimzy is really just a sweet, goofy old thing.

Since Mimzy is older than our other goats, she is nicknamed the "Old Woman", although at five years old, she's really not that old. We joke when we see she's frustrated with us, that she will pack up her RV and drive off to Las Vegas for bingo and salad bar buffets.

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